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[Interview] HOF June 2017 @SSB

“There is no boundary of age in art”
This maybe the perfect backgrounder for the artist that we are interviewing today.

There is no boundary of anything in art.
It is art that lets people to communicate with universal sensitivity, surpassing nationality, gender, age, identity and religions.

But, there is one preconception in digital art field that is hard to overcome.
Smart devices incorporate every changing technology that is easy for the young people.
However, there is some limit of accessibility for the elderly as one needs to use the smart device for digital art.

But, there are some seniors who learn from their children and grandchildren how to use smartphones at a relatively slow pace.
However, the interviewee constantly presents his digital artworks with skills that are sometimes better than the young people’s despite his age.

There were many questions we wanted to ask while we followed him along on PENUP.
Let’s talk about his art philosophy through today’s interview.

Now, let us begin our interview with @SSB, our HOF of June.

Q1. @PENUP :
Hello. Nice to meet you.
We are from PENUP team.
Congratulations on your winning of HOF for June.

There is one common question that goes out to every winner before we start the interview.
Please introduce yourself and tell us how you feel about winning the HOF.

A. @SSB :
I am an architect who runs an architecture design company in Daegu, Korea.
I am 64 years old in Korean age, and I live with my wife in Daegu, while my son and daughter live in Seoul.

I always looked upon other artists,
always regretting my skills.
But, I was so amazed and happy to hear that I was selected as the HOF of the month from PENUP team.

I would like to thank PENUP team again for this opportunity.

Q2. @PENUP :
Now, let us begin talking about your artworks.
The one thing that stands out the most in your artworks is “natural landscape”.

You always focus on the landscape with elements like mountains, sea, forest, river, cliff, lake and valley.
Is there a specific reason why you always draw nature?

A. @SSB :
I was born in a small fishing village in a suburban area.
Living in a big city like Daegu,
I always miss my hometown where I spent my youth;
I can remember the sea, blue sky, white clouds, mountains, forest, waves, the sound of the wind and the anonymous wild flowers, trees and grass on rice paddies and fields, which take up space in my heart.

That maybe the reason why I draw landscapes.

Q3. @PENUP :
Looking at your drawings,
it seems we see four seasons in panorama.

You always convey the vivid seasons and landscapes colorfully.
What is the season that you like the most?

A. @SSB :
Korea has four distinct seasons.
I like spring but like autumn more.
Looking at the autumn that colors vividly, I can feel that the mature life of the elderly,
which looks like the autumn colors, is still as beautiful as the youth,
which resembles the freshness and beauty of spring and summer.

I like colorfulness of autumn.

Q4. @PENUP :
The diverse landscapes in your drawings makes us think that you travel a lot.
Do you travel often?

If so, could you please recommend a place that you’ve travelled before?

A. @SSB :
I travel often in Korea.
Of course, there are many good places to travel overseas,
but I think that travelling the hometown deserves to be called a good trip.

Also, I get inspired at the scenery of an unfamiliar place
I get to pass by in the car during my business trip.

Q5. @PENUP :
It is often the case for the artists who draw landscape to go out for drawing.
We wonder your drawing style.

Do you go outdoors to draw, looking at the scenery?
Or do you have other ways?

A. @SSB :
In my offline community, we go out about four times a year for water coloring works.

For the drawings that I upload on PEN UP,
I usually drew indoors by referring to the photos that I took outdoors.

In the beginning, I printed out the photos to sketch and do coloring.
Recently, I refer to the photos, but make some additions or deletions upon my preference.
Then, I complete work with color changes.
It may be a means of individual brain storming.

I usually use the Galaxy Note basic app and Art Range.

Q6. @PENUP :
Compared to the still life where the object does not move,
the target of landscapes change from time to time depending on the climate and conditions.

Capturing the moment of movement and putting it on the canvas is a delicate work.

How do you capture the objects?

A. @SSB :
I first take the photo of the composition that I would want to draw.
Those with good composition become better as I draw on.

Since the sunlight direction and shadow are important, I usually take photos in the morning.
The reason is that the photos taken in the afternoon usually have long shadows and yellowish colors.

Q7. @PENUP :
When looking at your artwork, you seem to have very bold touch that colors upon the side instead of focusing on the details of a form.

Many of the artworks with this style look more like abstract.
We feel that you seem to experiment with colors.

What does color mean to your artwork and what is the part that you put the most importance on when using colors?

A. @SSB :
I believe that the color represents the artist’s personality and character.

Those with lively character would use bright and cheerful colors,
while those with prudent character like to use relatively darker, mono toned colors.

The most important part in using the colors is to prevent the simplicity and the overall combination and dark & shade.

Q8. @PENUP :
There are sometimes characters in your landscape.

The back of a human seems to be a small dot in the vast and overwhelming nature.
Is there any reason you draw human characters like this size?

A. @SSB :
The size of humans is the unit of measurement in the entire proposition, and it also promotes the coexistence between the nature and the humans.

Also, I try to imagine that I am traveling with my wife who is getting old with me.

Q9. @PENUP :
Despite the age, you are presenting more technically excellent artworks compared to some younger users.

How did you first get to use the smart device,
and how did you learn to use them?

Is there any difficult part in using the device?

Also, what device do you use the most often?

A. @SSB :
I got to see Galaxy Note 7 when I had to change my previous mobile phone.
I was appealed by the fact that I could get to draw on the mobile phone directly.
Also, the story of an elderly PEN UP user who never learned how to draw got me attracted.

My daughter and son gave me the device as a birthday gift.

Since I always use CAD for my work,
I didn’t have many troubles using the device.
The users’ drawing tips are of great help for me.

I am using Galaxy Note 5,
and I would want to use either Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy Tab later on.

Q10. @PENUP :
You have uploaded about 280 artworks since you joined PEN UP in August 2016.
It’s not been a year, but you have presented many drawings.

What is the drive that motivates your work?

A. @SSB :
The convenience and comfort the device gives is the main reason.
Also, good drawing app is another reason.
When you want to draw oil paintings or water color paintings,
you need many things to prepare and huge space.

But you just don’t need all these when you draw with your mobile.

I concentrate on my work during daytime,
and I wake up at about three in the morning and draw for two to three hours.

As I don’t have much sleep as I get older,
I lay down on the bed in my most comfortable position and start drawing.

Also, there are so many photos that I wanted to draw.
All such things are the drives to my motivation for artwork.

Of course, the most important part is the challenging spirit.

Q11. @PENUP :
Lastly, as an active PENUP member,
could you please tell me one thing you want from PENUP team?

A. @SSB :
Everything is managed well and under control,
so there is no particular improvement needed.

But, it would be good if there could be some token of acknowledgement – like hard copy certificate or badge.
It could cost money, so just take this as an idea.

Lastly, thank you again to PEN UP team for choosing me as the HOF when I still have many rooms for improvement.

Hope you wellness and luck!

In our interview with @SSB,
we got to think about the passion and stance of the creative artists.

June, with summer just around the corner,
resembles an attractive woman who changes often and who has much caprice.
In the mornings and afternoons, one would have the face of spring.
In the afternoon, she would have the face of summer with strong sunlight that appeals oneself.
It’s a season where one’s heart may get lost.

Let’s land on summer safely by bridging out June that connects spring and summer.

Don’t forget to leave congratulatory message to @SSB, our HOF of June.

Thank you.

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