2017-06-08. AM 02:09
[Notice] Revision in terms and conditions
Hello, we are PEN.UP team. :)

PEN.UP will make updates, and we would like to inform you in advance about the revision in terms and conditions before the update.

■Scope of revision in terms and conditions: Full range

■Effective date: 2017-07-08

Please be informed that the terms and conditions of this service have fully changed due to addition of new function.

-Change of service name: PEN.UP -> PENUP

PEN.UP’s name will change.
Of course, the change in name seems to be huge.
In order to reach out to more people, we are taking off the dot from our name. :)
We look forward to your love for PENUP.

- Addition of items related to license due to paid contents, as well as purchase and return policy entailed.

Paid contents feature will be added into our service in the latter half of the year.
Please look forward to rich contents with the application of paid policy.

- Addition of minor access-restricted service

Currently, PEN.UP is available people above 14 years of age.
In case of the minors, we request for parents’ agreement for service use.
This feature will be added in the update.

- Personal information collection and usage agreement link update

In order to give you more details on how we collect and store your precious personal information, we request for your agreement.

※ We deem it agreement with the user if there is no indicated written disagreement about the change in terms and conditions before the effective date and/or if the user continues to use the service after the effective date.

In addition, please be mindful that the access to service maybe restricted or halted if the user does not agree with the change in terms and conditions.

※The entire contents in the change of the terms and conditions could be seen in the sign-up page or the PENUP information in the setting after the change gets into effect.

Please look forward to the new PENUP that is to be updated.
For any questions regarding this matter, please inquire via penup.voc@samsung.com. :)

Thank you.

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