2014-10-08. PM 03:41
Cover Contest
  • Hi PENPLEs~
    We want to introduce two PEN.UP people who have a nice profile cover.
  • @RollyRobot and @N3P
    These are so cool!

    @N3P want to share this funny activity with our PEN.UP people.
    So we are ready for a small contest event.
  • ■ Let's decorate my own profile cover
  • Capture the profile page you've decorated.
    If you add the tag of #PenupCover, and enroll in this contest.

    We will give away gifts to three people with the most unique and pretty cover.

    One people : ‘Casebyme’ coupon with which you can make a smart phone case with your own drawing.
    Two people : easy drawing tool application, ‘#ArtFlow’ coupon
  • Do not miss the tag what do you want to get a gift :)

    Period : ~ 26th Oct, 2014
    Winner open date : 29th Oct,2014