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[Review] Challenge of May (1)

First challenge of May!

There were so many creative artworks in this challenge.

Many of the artworks seemed to be photography; they made me think as if I were in some place in the galaxy.

Please leave your comments of congratulations to 10 winners.

Thank you all for participating in the “Galaxy” challenge.

dreamer in the galaxy / @Miky
Galaxy lunch / @hosio

They seemed to be somewhere in the space or even in the sea.

@Miky drew a questionable woman.
The woman wandering around the space, relying on the black umbrella is impressive. The shiny lights up there seem to be waves. From which planet has this woman come from?

@hosio drew a space cat.
There are fish planets around the fish. They are preparing meals with forks and knives. It’s as cute as the title itself.

galaxy / @FatemaMusharrof
untitled / @sojomo

Next comes two artworks of which the purple colors are attractive.

@FatemaMusharrof drew galaxy in sky. In the sky seen from the galaxy, we can see moon and many stars.
The artist expressed the mystic world that surrounds us, from near or far sight, with vivid colors.

@sojomo drew a flower.
It’s not a normal flower.
There is galaxy in the flower.
Is the space outside the flower a wider space than the galaxy? It is indeed an artwork with interesting idea.

A supernova / @Spirited_One
Aliens... / @ash

There are mysterious characters in these two artworks.

In @Spirited_One’s artwork, there is a person who seems to be looking at a planet.
Doesn’t it look like the profile of a person?

Is it inside a tunnel? There is light coming in from far sight. The aliens are following along the light.
It is a piece by @ash that makes one get curious about what is out there.

Galaxie / @adolphlip
make the galaxy / @KyoungHwan

@adolphilip drew galaxy through the night sky of vast grassland. It’s night, yet light shines it.
Is it that something mysterious incident taking place in galaxy? It is an artwork where peace and splendor coexist.

In @ KyoungHwan’s artwork, a boy is drawing stars with yellow color in black background.
It shows how a boy is drawing his own galaxy, displaying innocence in imagination.

Super Barred Spiral / @Envyous
Galaxy / @zak

Two artists seemed to be similar as if they saw the same photography.

@Envyous drew galaxy that seems to be absorbing one totally. Doesn’t it look like a photo rather than a drawing?

@zak is the artist that provided drawing tips very recently. The strong coloring and brush touches are very impressive. It shows the artist’s character very well.

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