[HOF] JUNE 2017 @SSB

2017-06-02. AM 04:31
[HOF] June 2017 @SSB

Calm nature appears on the monitor.
The view of nature recalls some lost memories for the modern people who are accustomed to fancy urban life.
Our HOF of the month is an active artist using smart devices although he may be quite old.
He somehow made us think that age doesn’t matter when it comes to passion of creation.

The nature in the artist’s artworks is somewhat silent and lonely.
All the noises are gone, and the view is quite subtle.
When looking at the artworks,
one could feel the meditative viewpoint of the artist who would have been contemplating the nature.
Perhaps, the awe towards the nature would have come at the end of the meditation.

The coloring, in fact, is quite vivid to express the nature.

The coloring in the artwork somehow disseminates the particular atmosphere of the nature.

Especially, one need to pay attention to how the colorings weaken the details in forms and give life to the objects.
The flower petals were drawn with not so elaborated crushes, but it seems the flowers are just live.

There are many questions that we want to ask to the artist through interview:
What he thinks when contemplating on the nature, What nature means to him, What art means to him and what motivates him.

Please leave your messages of congratulations.
It’s our HOF of June - @SBB.

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