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[Challenge] 2017.June : Let’s draw kitchen


How does your kitchen look like?
The challenge for June is “KITCHEN”.

For some people, kitchen may be a place where he/she cooks for their beloved families,
For some people, it may be a venue to present the best taste to the guests,
And for some people, it may be a place to prepare one meal for him or herself.

Can’t wait to see all the different stories coming from this special spot.

cooking/ @Delromie
top chef/ @penpun

The most practical & usual view in kitchen is cooking.

There are some people who are accustomed to cooking, while some people are not.
The image of one cooking may differ depending on one’s character.

The everyday image may also differ from time to time:

One day, it could be a simple meal,
While the other day could be a big party with friends.
Also, one day, one would be cooking waiting for their families.
Likewise, the look of kitchen may differ always.

time to lose some weight / @Anna_plus_K
Coffee in the kitchen / @ztaky

Somewhat lazy tea time after the meal is an often seen image.

Kitchen comes into our start and end of one’s day.
After having breakfast, one would go to school and work, and finish up their day at the kitchen.

Copper Steel Ladles / @Vidzyart
Howl's Kitchen / @Sam.
chef dolf - my chef dad / @aila

Like how the foods taste different from families to families, The kitchen image may change depending on the culture, family type and preferences.

Please show us your kitchen.

This challenge will continue for 15 days from Thursday, June 1 to Thursday June 15.

We will look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

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