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[Review] Challenge of April (2)

The second challenge in April!

It was a challenge that let the people think about those things that they are thankful but are often forgotten.

Why don’t you give a word of “thanks” to those that you have drawn?

Please send words of congratulations to 10 people who have won the challenge.

Thank you everyone who participated in the “Thankfulness” challenge.

thanks for~ / @koo
thankful to God / @Robyn

First two pieces are “thankfulness” to gods. You can see celebrities saying thank you to gods in every acting awards.

@koo drew a woman praying with her hands clutched. What kind of prayer did she pray? The clutched hands show the desperateness and genuinity of pray.

@Robyn drew a rosary pray. The sheer light that shines out adds to more of the religious spirit.

thankful, caring heart ❤/ @ikyena_art
Light up the sky, light it up for you / @surya_darmana

Next comes @ikyena.art’s piece. An anonymous person is giving a helping hand to a homeless.

There are many people who do service for the less privileged people in the community.
A small hand often becomes big hand for them.

One girl is holding up light in the dark forest. It is @surya_damana’s piece that lets people think about the world without light.

Mama thank you for beautiful memories 😊 / @Fabulous
carnation / @NanNi

Next two pieces are about thanking parents.

@Fabulous drew parents who gave beautiful memories while staying aside by oneself.
Thanking the love of parents that taught not to fall down and to rise again after fall is never enough.

@NanNi drew a picture of carnation.
In Korea, children present carnation to their parents on Parents’ Day to thank their love.
In the states, it is said that people whose mothers are still living hang red carnation on their chest and whose mothers have passed away hang white carnation on the second Sunday in every May.

Everafter... / @aristina.z
Thank_you_JB / @FirstNote4

Two pieces are all about thankfulness towards their loved ones.

@aristina.z’s drawing is about a couple facing each other under moonlight. Is it after wedding? The bride is wearing a dress. It’s a romantic drawing presented to the loved ones.

@FirstNote4’s piece is about a muscular man showing his muscles. The artist is saying thank you to a person that gives oneself a sense of safety.

Friends forever, no matter what color. / @Beckah
Thankful for little things / @Vaani

“Friends” always give energy to each other. It is @Beckah’s art piece that showed the friendship between two little children that go beyond the barrier of race.

Next is @Vaani’s piece that showed gratitude towards small little things that are taken for granted. Please think about the nature that we take for granted.

Below are our 10 winners.



We will present the gift set to all ten people who won the challenge.
Congratulations everyone!

Thank you.

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