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[Interview] HOF May 2017 @wandering_girl

"Inviting you to fairy tales"
This was an expression used in the previous notice on selection of HOF.

This mystical girl in fairy tale like mood is somehow always alone. (There are some pieces where she is accompanied by animal friends.:))

In the earlier days, we were able to see her back; but these days, her facial expression is seen from time to time.

I am not the only one who thinks that she is growing day by day, right?:)

Let's ask the artist.

Our interview with @wandering_girl, our HOF of May, starts here.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hello, we are from PEN.UP team!
Congratulations again on your winning of HOF of May!

Please share your thoughts about becoming the HOF and also say hi to our PEN.UP users :)

A1. @wandering_girl :
Hello, I am wandering_girl.
I am so honored to become the HOF of the month.
I would like to show my gratitude towards your interest and love about my art pieces.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
Personally, we always eye on your artworks!
We were always curious about the character of this mystical girl :)

Please introduce the girl character along with introduction of yourself!

A2. @wandering_girl :
Thank you so much for all your interest. I feel proud how you thought of the character as mystical.

The girl's name is Wanda - it comes from wanderings.
Just call her "Yasang girl" - she always likes to wear 'Yasang', referring to rider jacket in Korean, so she got this name "Yasang girl."

Yasang girl is a very curious girl and she can't stand boredom; so she always wanders about here and there.

From long before, I did some works under the name of "Siteo”
I always dreamed of becoming an illustrator because I enjoyed drawing since young. I am so happy that I have stepped nearer to my dream with PEN.UP.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
When you first started drawing at PEN.UP, the character was rather small and baby-like. You only showed only the backside of the character.

Was there any reason for it?

A3. @wandering_girl
I drew the backside because I wanted the audience to share the same view with the yasang girl.

The back of yasang girl seems to be saying, "Follow me; I will show you some good things", leading the audience into her way.

Yasang girl had this subtitle called "Journey to fantasy".

I was so happy to see how you came to say "it seems like the audience is following the girl's way along" in the previous notice because you had just the correct understanding about the drawing.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
We've mentioned this above.
Now, the girl seems to have grown into a more mature girl.

Was it your intention to have her grow a bit more?

A4. @wandering_girl :
^^ I got similar questions as the yasang girl got taller.
Since the yasang girl was so short, everyone thought of her as a toddler.

Yasang girl was not a baby to start with. It's just that I like small and cutew characters, which made me think of cute character when I first started characterizing yasang girl.

As I drew more, I wanted to be more delicate in expression. It's not that the yasang girl grew taller; I just changed the shape to be a bit taller because I wanted to change the style.

That the short limbs gave many restrictions to the movement was another reason. From now on, I would want to show what the yasang girl would do while she wanders about.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
The character seems to spend time alone.
Sometimes, she seems to be interacting with the animal friends (or snowman).
Don't you want to make some friends for her?

A5. @wandering_girl :
Yasang girl thinks that she is with the people at her back (PEN.PLEs who are watching her ^^).
But, some say that she seems to be a bit lonely and sad - maybe because people only saw her walking alone.

I try to reflect a sense of "comfort" and "hope" in yasang girl. Not everyone is always happy and joyful.

When there are moments where one feels these complex feelings that cannot be described, the yasang girl would go and say, "Don't be too depressed. I will show you some pleasant things. Come with me, then everything will get better".

Then she will lead people into her way, and people will start feeling good as they follow her along.

Q6. @PEN.UP :
Personally, among all your artworks, the below piece seemed to be most attractive.

You can feel some inner peace looking at the girl closing her eyes while listening to music.
This was also made into goods during last year's PEN.UP exhibition.

Is there any other artwork that you especially like?

A6. @wandering_girl :
Every piece of mine is special for me. Also, there is also a sense of regret in every piece.

Such feelings motivate me to work further. Let me introduce an artwork that gave special experience to me.

One of the artists requested for a collaboration work.
It was a piece that I finished before joining PEN.UP. In January this year, my Instagram friend drew these characters in that artwork.

The friends that follow the yasang girl seemed to be a group of people trying to make fun, which made the artwork really playful. It seems like the friends that followed her along just came into the way.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
The mystic girl really comes in various backgrounds.
Do you have any source that you refer to for these backgrounds?

A7. @wandering_girl :
I really like scenery picture.
Sometimes I get so into it without noticing the time lapse.

When I look at the scenery picture, I get inner peace and I start imagining myself being a part of that landscape....

^^;; But, truly speaking, I don't like travels. But, the yasang girl takes me to different places.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
Mostly, when looking at PEN.UP artists, they have a lot in common with their own characters.

@greeda, our HOF of January, is one representative example. :)
In your point of view, what are some major similarities you share with your own character?

A8. @wandering_girl :
Yasang girl somehow represents me, but it is also another separate being. Although I draw the yasang girl myself, I am also curious to where this girl would take me.

Yasang girl definitely has the adventurous spirit that I admire. She also has this relentless energy that keeps her going with a sense of curiousity. That is something that I admire.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
Those who draw characters have their own tips. I am curious of your own character tip. Could you pleas show us how when we get a chance?:)

A9. @wandering_girl :
I improvise when I draw the smaller yasang girl. I just think of the image of "where should she go today?" and start drawing right away on mobile. I select the overall mood with color and draw the girl in later.

So, I focus more on the atmosphere and landscape rather than the yasang girl.
But for more detailed yasang girl, I tend to plan out. I do a series of idea sketches and collect some source. It takes quite longer because I think about the details.

I will try to think what tips I could offer if I get the chance.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
Last but not least.
When do you feel happiest when you draw or when you are on PEN.UP?

A10. @wandering_girl
I always find my shortcomings after completing a work. But, I always feel very flattered due to expectation that I will once draw a piece that I can become satisfied on my own. I become so happy that I can start another piece.

Thank you PEN.UP for becoming my happy companion.

Q11. @PEN.UP
Thank you for your time for this interview.
Do you have any other advice to offer us?
Please say goodbye to our PEN.PLEs.

A11. @wandering_girl:
It's so good that I get to see Korean and foreign artists' artworks that are diverse and unique at PEN.PLE. THank you for establishing this place where we could exchange our insgihts.
Please keep your eyes on yasang girl.^^
Thank you.

Thank you for your time for this interview.

This was it for our interview with @wandering_girl.

"Don't be too depressed, I will show you some good things. Let's go and have fun. Everything will get better."
I somehow became peaceful myself after reading this message of hope from the yasang girl.

Likewise, many artworks on PEN.UP convey various meanings.

Whether an artwork is good or not in terms of presentation, why don't we go and look for the meaning they convey?

Don't forget to leave your message of congratulations to @wandering_girl, our HOF of May.
Thank you.

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