2017-05-26. AM 09:57
[Notice] Clean PEN.UP – Abusing related notice
Hi ! All PEN.PLEs out there who love art and drawing. :)

We would want to talk about our position on abusing on behalf of PEN.UP team, who pursues joyful art life for you all.

Abusing is a common word used at game or websites.

It is a practice of appropriating unjust profit through unwholesome ways like making other accounts to get defeated.

In addition, excessive tag insertions and spam contents registration are a part of abusing.

This could give negative influence to regular users;
so PEN.UP is trying to come up with countermeasure against this issue.

For example, reckless reposts with abnormal accounts will make the follower’s feed bombarded with same drawings.

In addition, the unnecessary tag insertions unrelated to the drawing will give difficulties to those users that want to enjoy particular drawings that they look for.

We will review such abusing practices and come up with proper measures; we look forward proper practice for joyful PEN.UP life.

Thank you!

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