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[Review] Challenge of April (1)

The first challenge of April!

The challenge made us get to see various landscapes of lives during rainy day.

Like how some may like or not like rainy days, the rain changes the mood of a person.

This challenge indeed was everything about rain.

Please send the 10 winners words of congratulations! Thank you everyone who partook in this challenge.

아기 구름의 산책 / @wandering_girl
the sky's falling / @harabum

The first pieces are pretty similar source from different artists.

@wandering_girl drew a mystical girl who is wearing a vivid colored raincoat and rainboots of different colors.
The girl who is looking at the raindrops from the clouds as if it was her first time seeing the rain is very inspiring.

Next is @harabum's piece that features a girl in big hoodie shirt. Where was she coming from?
Doesn't she look worried looking at the rain clouds when she doesn't have an umbrella?
She looks like ourselves not having an umbrella during rainy days.

My paper boats / @asroz
tea on a rainy day / @Vaani

There is small ocean where the boat can float with the raindrops. We also see a shark!

The boy seems to be worried about the paper boat getting soaked, doesn't he?
Or is he scared of the shark?
Many questions come out from the piece by @asroz.

The sound of raindrops knocking the window is very rythmical. Warm cup of tea will make it just perfect. This is the piece by @Vaani which melts one down.

Designed by Gavriel. / @Gavriel
Singing in the Rain / @MayWinterWhite

A woman who somehow looks sad leans forward towards the terrace and stretches her arm to get soaked in the rain. This is somewhat languid in rainy day done by @Gavriel.

Do you like to get rained on?
This is @MayWinterWhite's piece where the woman feels happy under rain without unfolding the umbrella in her hand.

raining (challenges) / @Devpravin
untitled / @bobssam

These are drawings of different people but they somehow share similar, but different stories.

They remind of a woman that seems to think about somebody from her past. Some maybe sad or happy during rainy days.
They are different pieces by @Devpravin and @bobssam that give different inspirations under same weather.

Colours of Rain. / @Nitin.Kurvey
Tormenta.. / @David-RM

The landscape could be totally different depending on how much it rains.

The first one is by @Nitin.Kurvey that shows silent and relaxed atmosphere during rainy day. Everyone walks silently under their umbrella.

The strong wind and lightening - the tree that seems to fall down looks unsafe. This impactful drawing belongs to @David-RM.

Below are our 10 winners.



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Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

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