2017-05-16. AM 03:57
[Challenge] 2017.May : Let’s draw Black & White


What's your most favorite color?

Years ago, we did a challenge on "Blue", which grabbed great attention.

Our second challenge for this May Is "Black and White".

There is a saying that "classic lives eternally".
These two are not the most fabulous colors.
But, please show us your world of art with these two very basic colors :)

Line.More line. / @ARI
Hidden Door / @Xtuna

Black & white color theme is often used in geometrical shapes. They well reflect the light and shades in a color. The sharp balance given through symmetry and balance is quite attractive.

The coloring books with these white & black scheme are quite popular too.

The purity (black&white) / @hosio
Venezia / @Mariella

The black & white is often seen in urban sketches.
The urban landscapes give us an idea of the life in the city.

Don’t you get this cold image feeling when you think about “black & white?”
However, these two color combination sometimes gives warm feeling too.

night / @Beeerilarg
The Dawn is Coming..... / @Nitin.Kurvey

The ‘color’ element may be a bit abstract.
But, it is a chance to showcase more liberal, free-hand pieces when you get rid of such perception.

The challenge is held for 15 days from May 17 (Wed.) to May 31 (Wed).

We look forward to your fabulous pieces.
Thank you.

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