2017-05-10. AM 10:19
Artwork appropriation and copyright infringement related

PEN.UP is an SNS platform where people interact with each other through drawings.

There are many different types of drawings;
we specialize in mobile art.

These days, there are cases where people put their own signature on other people’s artwork and upload them or post the drawings without the permission of the original artist.

For these cases, PEN.UP team is providing “Contents Report” feature.

This function could be used by anyone even if they are not the original artist.

Those pieces that have been reported will be affirmed by PEN.UP management team.

Despite such efforts, some of the PEN.PLEs, who want wholesome interaction through drawings, are being victimized due to some of the users.

So, from now on,
PEN.UP team will take more thorough measures in checking the artwork
appropriation and copyright infringement.

We inform you that the problematic image is subject to deletion of contents.

We also want to ask PEN.PLEs to use the “contents report” function in case of such issues.

PEN.UP will always put utmost into promoting more enjoyable drawing life.

Thank you.

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