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[HOF] May 2017 @wandering_girl

“Inviting you to fairy tales”

The drawings of the HOF of the month well match comments like “girlish” and “mystic”.

The bright colors she usually uses add mystic element to the drawings, and the colors convey a sense of girlish innocence where it makes the drawing seems to be a world of imaginary scene.

In her drawings, there is a girl who wanders about, which just well matches the artist’s nick name. The season and venues seem to change as they follow this girl along.

She may seem to be alone, but when you look closely, you will see that she is surrounded by many friends – birds, trees, flowers and wind. The reason why we feel a sense of warmth despite the cold colors owes to this fact.

Did you notice?

This is a big girl and a small girl in her different drawings; seems like the young girl just grew into an innocent woman.

The biggest attraction about the artist’s drawing in fact is “innocence” based upon imaginations.

Congratulations to @wandering_girl , our HOF of May.

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