2017-04-30. PM 06:27
[Challenge] 2017.May : Let’s draw Galaxy

Hello PEN.PLEs!

Galaxy S8 was just launched very recently.
The topic for May Challenge in commemoration of the launch is “Galaxy”.

Many different images will pop up once you hear this.
Why not drawing your own Galaxy that just reflects your imagination?

It was back in 1961 when human race first succeeded in space travels.
Yurii Gagarin was a Soviet astronaut who first went on the space travels.
He went on Plane Vostok and flew for 1 hour and 48 minutes and came back safely.

A few years ago, NASA recruited people that will go for Mars.
It was one way flight, but many people were said to have applied.

A day will come indeed where just normal people, aside from astronauts, would go on space travels.

Despite such efforts, some of the PEN.PLEs, who want wholesome interaction through drawings, are being victimized due to some of the users.

Have you ever spotted them?

It is a being that every human would have imagined at least once – aliens who really seem to live somewhere in the planet.
The unidentified objects that often appear in pictures and videos.

Do they really look like those drawings?
Won’t there any chance they look like us?

We also want to ask PEN.PLEs to use the “contents report” function in case of such issues.

Aside from the Galaxy we know, there are sometimes the drawings of “Galaxy” that represents for something else.

Your drawings may vary as wide as the planet.

Will look forward to them and
also we will get our fingers for upgraded functions and drawings from Galaxy S8!

This challenge will go for 15 days from Monday, May 1 to Monday May 15.

Look forward to your participation and cool drawings.
Thank you.

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