2017-04-26. AM 05:03
[Notice] PEN.UP update Ver 2.5

Hello, PEN.PLEs!
Upon the launch of Galaxy S8,
we are about to showcase the new version of PEN.UP.

Please refer to below for information on
“PEN.UP 2.5.0 version” update.

First news is about the availability of PEN.UP on Samsung Dex. With the Galaxy S8 launch, PEN.UP is now available for use on “Samsung Dex”, which is very trendy these days.

Dex is a function which lets Galaxy S8/S8+ connected to Dex station to make it possible to use the smartphone under desktop conditions.

PEN.UP feature could be used with this Dex function.

The image above is PEN.UP running on Dex It surely is different from the original smartphone app and PC version.

I want to see it in real life, and I will one day, right?

The next news is about RTL layout support.

Up until now, PEN.UP provided LTR layout where people could read from left to right. With this update, we are now supporting the RTL layout as well.

This maybe a good news for those PEN.PLEs who are in Arab areas.

The users who are in Arab areas, where the script is usually written ins RTL method, will now find it easier to use PEN.UP.

I guess, we will bring more people from Arabian countries to PEN.UP, right? :)

In addition, you will now use PEN.UP more conveniently with the GUI improvement in some screens.

@ucru, our HOF of April this year, mentioned that PEN.UP gets better and better with every update.

This update was made after contemplating really hard on what we could do to make PEN.UP more convenient to use on the user-end.

We look forward to your more active participation in PEN.UP.

Thank you.

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