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[Review] Challenge of March (2)

The second challenge in March

It was a fun challenge where people get to see drawings of various hands and feet to think whose feet and hands and to imagine what stories are conveyed.

The subject of the feet and hands could change depending on people, and the stories are subject to change as well.
Your new interpretation of the winners’ contents could add more value to the stories.

Forever yours / @littleArtist
Happy dream / @hosio

These are two artworks from where we could feel the love that spreads out.

@littleArtist drew a very romantic piece. The size of love from two clutched hands made the love bigger. The silhouette of loved ones, and the folded hands.

Next comes @hosio’s art piece where the hands try to make a shadow on the waves.

When you light up a candle with a candle, and light up another candle with the light, the lights count to three to four with the darkness gone.
How about making this world filled up with more love?

Designed by Gavriel / @Gavriel
지난여름..힐링중인 내발~ㅎ/ @akira

This piece shows hands of a mom and baby held tight in the strong light.
It is @Gavriel’s art piece, which reminds us of our mothers who lead ourselves into the light.

This is @akira’s art piece; it is something we often see during summer.
Don’t you laugh at your feet which get burned along with the shoes line after summer?

Untitled/ @shereenamer
Always miss you, Granny / @TumMeng Inthira

The unique pattern and vivid colors are very impressive.
This is @shereenamer’s art piece which makes us ponder about the feet that break down in the darkness.

@TumMeng Inthira’s art piece displays strong colors. It seems like a mom and baby in the flower festival.
Would the baby have fell down? There are scars on the arm. The baby tries to hold tight to the mom’s hand not to fall down.

Time off. / @Nitin.Kurvey
Study – The Power / @Lentz.bc.Gim

This is @Nitin.Kurvey’s art piece which conveys legs in the terrace under the morning sun. You may imagine a cup of warm coffee in the hand.

This seems to be the hand gesture of a dancer.
This is @Lentz.bc.Gim’s piece where you can feel the strength in the hand.

Control your life / @Abex
Drawing my left hand drawing / @mark viii

@Abex’ drawing is a delicate portrayal of hand muscles and wrinkles. With the good expression of light and shadow, you could feel the hand texture as if it were real.

@mark viii drew the hand of PEN.PLEs. It is the hand that is drawing with a pen.

We're already on our 8th "Let's Draw" Challenge for 2017. As you've noticed, starting from this year we are doing 2 challenges per month! It's good seeing all the original works that you have been submitting so far.

I hope that you will partake more in the future as well!

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