2017-04-17. AM 01:54
[Challenge] 2017.Apr : Let’s draw our thankfulness

The second challenge theme of April is “Thankfulness”.

Please come up with any artworks that convey your gratitude towards people or objects.
We can’t wait to see all those warm artworks that will come.

When you find the body I know how that feels / @grasshopper6500
FEB. / @diegochagas

There are many people we should be thankful of.

The reason we are able to live in peace is because many people always try hard with their works.

We can think of many people like firemen, policemen and soldiers who work to keep the social order in place.

Neanie and Papa Richardson (my grandparents) / @MR.SMOKEONE
카네이션 / @noonyy

In each country, there is a Parents’ Day.

This is the day when we think about the love of parents and to show our gratitude towards them.

The date maybe different, but such gratitude is same everywhere.

Maybe you could also show a bit of gratitude to all these tiny bits of things that you may have forgotten.
This challenge will continue for 15 days from Sunday, April 16 to Sunday April 30.

Please take a part in this meaningful event; looking forward to seeing great works!

Thank you.

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