2017-04-07. AM 03:01
[Review] Challenge of March (1)

Hello, PEN.ples^^
Thank you all for participating in the "Let's Draw Vehicles" challenge.

After looking all these different means of transportation, I thought it would be good if all PEN.ples worldwide get to meet each other.

Please send your words of congratulations to the 10 winners below!

muscle car lover / @TITIART
dream of driving a dreamcar / @MACTAC

More or less, there were so many drawings of cars used by many.

@TITIART's black/white drawing, which displays his own style, seems to be a scene right out of an ad.

@MACTAC drew a strong looking red car running on the road.
I could feel the speed going across the fast driving car!

Ecto-1 / @Nitin.Kurvey
Untitled / @zak

@Nitin.Kurvey's piece is said to be inspired from the movie "Ghostbusters".
The car that drives by glowing light in dark road is pretty sensational, right?

@zak found the transportation means not in city but in province.
He used unique expression tactics and heartwarming style.

avión nubes / @EvaGal
Adventure / @CopterPpkZz

Now, it is the sky, not the ground.

It's an airplane which makes you go fast even the far distance.
The gigantic airplane that crosses the clouds is @EvaGal's piece.

@CopterPpkZz's airplane is quite small but looks cozy.
We will once meet one seated airplane right?

chill / @Elmoghira
Airship / @Lentz.bc.Gim

@Elmoghira's piece is cozy rest on yellow cab.
It looks even more comfortable than the inside seat, right?

@Lentz.bd.Gim showed the airplane lines that looks like a balloon.
This is something that we can't see recently, so it's glad to see it.

All Vehicles / @feltboy
For a friend / @littleArtist

Next comes @feltboy's piece;
it's about usual transportation means drawn in cute ways.
You can see the challenge theme at once, right?

@littleArtist's car seems to be a toy car that the kids can ride, but it looks very magnificent.

So, that’s our 10 winners!
We congratulate you all!


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Congratulations everyone.
Thank you.

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