2017-04-04. AM 02:11
[HOF] April 2017 @ucru

It’s a bit dark.
It also looks quite profound.
There are some very difficult pieces as well.

But, all these elements also showcase the character of the artist’s own.
Such character often comes from the colors that the artist likes to use.

Unlike the drawings of @eun, our previous HOF, these drawings have used similar colors in one drawing instead of using many different colors.

That is why it would be better to say that the artist has tried drawing the over sentiment and atmosphere instead of one specific themed drawing.

The artist, in fact, expressed the character through overall sentiment of the drawing although it may be quite dark.

This is the drawings of our artist, who has been long staying with us at PEN.UP via Galaxy Note 4.

I think many of you probably have seen his drawing at least once.

Unlike other interviews, our HOF interview this time will focus more on the explanations on the pieces.
It’s quite sad to talk only about one or two.

Congratulations to @ucru, our HOF of April.
Please leave congratulatory messages to @ucru.

For @ucru, please leave us an e-mail to our PEN.UP team (penup.mgr@gmail.com) for the interview.

Congratulations again!

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