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[Interview] HOF March 2017 @eun

This is an artist who PEN.UP has been keeping an eye on for her use of diverse colors and fun characters.

In particular, she really expresses “female” characters in a very interesting and unique manner.

It is not only the female characters that are interesting;
the pieces of animals are also extraordinary.

That is probably why she was designated as the HOF.

Recently, she became more active as she uploaded wallpapers on Samsung themes.

Through careful approach in interview,
we want to peek into her art world.

Let us begin the interview with @eun, our HOF for March.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hello^^ We are PEN.UP team.
Congratulations again for your winning HOF of March.

Our first question for the interview is always the same, as it is a must question to ask.

Please introduce yourself and tell us your comments about winning the victory.

A. @eun :
Hello. Thank you for your interest.
I haven’t expected this and now I feel very honored.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
Let’s get into your world of art.
As said previously, you mostly draw “female” characters.

Is there any special reason for it?

A. @eun :
There is no particular reason for my character being a woman.

It’s just that because I am a woman myself, making an approach to female characters is a bit easy and natural.

Especially, using different length of woman’s hair and vivid color to talk different stories was another merit;
so I unintentionally drew a lot of women characters.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
Personally, I felt that you may use “PC tablet”.

It was quite surprising to know that you draw with your tablet.
I got the feeling that your pieces have details as well as a harmony among colors.

Have you ever studied drawing before?

A. @eun :
At first, of course, it was quite unfamiliar for me to draw in a small screen.
So I used computers more than Note (mobile phone).

But, as I got accustomed to it, I use Note (mobile phone) most of the time since it has better portability.

Before coming to PEN.UP, I used handmade water color illustrations, which have been eventually reflected in my later drawings on PEN.UP.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
We keep saying this; but, you have a very strong character.

Your style somehow reminds me of @NanNi, who was a HOF last year.
But, when we take a closer look, you two have very different styles.

While @NanNi’s drawing has some attraction coming from emptiness, @eun is just the opposite; your full-drawn space comes as an attractive point.

Where do you get all these inspirations from?

A. @eun :
Whenever I have a theme that I want to draw, I go searching for it.
But, most of the time, I get the inspiration from magazines.

When I see a photograph that I like, I combine the entire look by thinking about some parts that need to be added and parts that need to be removed.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
I especially like this drawing of yours.

The character in the drawing is sitting down in the train with her shoes off while listening to music.
She somehow seems to feel happy but also not happy.

Her sort of anticipation or fret on the face comes as a bang.
Could you please explain about this? Is this you?

A. @eun :
No, it’s not me.

When I watch a movie or stay in a cozy place, I often sit like that.
The weather during that time was similar to these days’ weather, where there is a breeze that makes you want to go on traveling.

I couldn’t go on a trip that time; but I imagined a place I want to go for traveling.
Then I came across this photograph where it resembled my feelings.

So, I somehow ended up with that drawing that reflected my inspirations.

Q6. @PEN.UP :
We briefly said it before; but expressions are very attractive.

There are many drawings where the facial expressions are very unique: lonely, happy and fun.
There is some fun to seeing your characters’ expressions.

Do you also pay much attention to these expressions of mood?

A. @eun :
The facial expression is the very initial feeling of humans, animals and everything.

For this reason, they are very simple way of delivering the feeling.
So, although I don’t pay much attention, somehow I quite cared about it much.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
By any means, do you have any drawing tip you may want to share with us?

We really thought you drew with your PC!

A. @eun :
After using sketchbook app, which wasn’t available before, I was able to make compositions similar to the ones drawn with Photoshop on PC.

I don’t have particular tips.
I believe anyone could draw cool drawings with good leverage of layers and S Pen’s pen pressure.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
The recent drawings are also uploaded on Themes store.

How is the response from the users? Are there many downloads?

A. @eun :
Grateful enough, many people get many downloads and leave messages.

Especially, it’s so good to see how people from the opposite part of the world download the drawings.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
We are almost at the finish line.
This seems to be our official question.

When do you feel the happiest when drawing?

A. @eun :
Completing the drawing in a way that the whole composition makes me feel satisfied as they turn out to be the one that I wanted to draw when I first came across the element.

Also, I feel really happy when I get to interact with the people who enjoy these drawings of mine.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
Thank you for your time for this interview.
Please share with us any comments you have about PEN.UP.

Also, say hi to our users.
Thank you again for your time.

A. @eun :
I have long been drawing with a lot of artists in PEN.UP and coming to interaction with them, which is indeed very meaningful and thankful time for me.

Let us continue to keep this.

This was our interview with @eun in March, when there is a bit chills left.

The winter is almost gone, and the spring is about to come in this blissful 2017.

I believe that many people are starting to become more geared up.
(PEN.UP is also one of the many.)

Spring is indeed a season of stretching after saying goodbye to winter to meet summer.
For this upcoming spring, why don’t we do some stretching to freshen up?

Don’t forget to leave a congratulatory message to @eun, our HOF of this month.

Thank you.

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