2014-09-05. AM 02:23
  • Dear Penple
    PEN.UP is a place where people from all around the world gather and communicate.
    Because there are many different ideas and individuals, we need to respect and try to understand others.
    With the guidelines below, I hope everyone enjoy using PEN.UP.
  • ■ Let’s be Penple, who respect others.
  • PEN.UP is a place where everybody can create their pictures and sharing them with others. Attacking, bullying, and impersonating others are in violation of the guidelines. Report immediately if you have complaints about others’ works or comments. If the complaints are reasonable, the manager will send a warning or block the account in question. And it is better to stop the conversation if you are asked to participate though you don’t want the conversation. The malevolent people tend to lose interest and stop if you don’t show any reactions.
  • ■ Do not upload works which are not yours.
  • It is better not to upload what is not yours or anything which you are not sure if you have the right to upload. You could be charged if you upload others’ works without the consent of the owner. Legal right to report copyright violation is solely up to owner of the copyright. If your copyright has been violated, you should contact the person designated in the contract.