2017-03-21. AM 07:28
[Review] Challenge of February (2)

The second challenge of February filled with delicious foods!

As we went over the breakfast menu of our PEN.Ples, we somehow felt that many of you had very light meals.

It was indeed fun to see different types of foods, and peeking into everyday your sweet life was really amazing.

Please send words of congratulations for these eight people who won the challenge^^

Thank you for all of you who participated in the ‘breakfast’ challenge.

Cutting Chai... / @Nitin.Kurvey
Wake up, it's morning / @Prodip

@Nitin.Kurvey drew the ordinary breakfast in India.

Chai Tea Is the black tea mixed with spice;
it is popular tea in India where people enjoy it several times a day.

The next drawing where the breakfast table is set in front of the rising sun that signifies morning belongs to @Prodip.

He probably used the drawing app called "Silk Pants".
The drawing itself is really unique!

morning sandwich / @wandering_girl
sunny mornings / @Zmajanica

Next comes @wandering_girl's drawing which shows breakfast under the tree with falling leaves.

Don't you feel the peaceful morning mood in the fairytale-like colors?

@Zmajanica expressed simple breakfast with oil colors;
one rose is really the attractive point.

February challenge / @Spiderwoman
Ideal Breakfast / @FirstNote4

@Spiderwoman's breakfast seems to be mostly vegies and fruits.
Don't they look healthy?

@FirstNote4's drawing is a pizza with simple toppings.
He drew it so delicately that it really looks as real.

Old town Breakfast / @adolphlip
理想の朝食 / @YukiSaku

The two drawings are really the typical eastern and western foods.
They are two dishes that could be enjoyed in busy life.

@adolphilip's well roasted toast really looks tasty, doesn't it?

@YukiSaku drew Japan's rice ball and miso soup.
The miso soup looks warm with the steam coming out of it.

So, that’s our 8 winners!
We congratulate you all!


We will present the calligraphy set to all eight people who won the challenge.

Congratulations everyone!
Thank you.

For our winners, please send the following information to our PEN.UP team.

- PEN.UP user name
- Real name
- Shipping address
- Postcode
- Contact number

Please send your information to: penup.mgr@gmail.com

* Information for winners :
Those who have won the event, please check the privacy policy until March 31(Friday).
Then you should send personal information collection service phrase, as well as personal information (PEN.UP ID, real name, mailing address, postal code, contact number).
You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the prize.
Also, the prize can be cancelled if you do not send us an e-mail within the notified period.

* Personal information collection service phrase :
I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

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* Personal information collection criteria: PEN.UP ID/Real name/Address/Postal code/Contact number
* Period for retaining personal information and usage: March 15, 2017 – April 30, 2017
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