2017-03-16. AM 02:21
[Challenge] 2017.Mar : Let’s draw hands and feet

Hello, PEN.ple!
The second challenge in March is "drawing hand and feet".

You don't need to think too difficult about it.
Have the hand and feet become the main characters in the drawing.

random sketches / @hrum
Child’s Hand / @maggiem119

Gestures, like facial expressions, take on critical role in expressing some meanings.
Then, why don't we make gestures be interpreted for certain meaning?

hand and skin color study / @BastiArt
“Reach out for me” / @littleArtist

The meanings conveyed through gestures may differ from countries to countries.

In North America, "V" fingers mean victory or peace.
But in Korea, it's just common pose in front of camera.

Untitled / @MariSafari
Tip toes / catfishgirl

We, PEN.Ples, convey different feelings through drawings.
How about drawing hand and feet to express such feelings?

Let's also leave some comments on your own understanding of the meaning of the gestures.

This challenge continues for 16 days from Thursday, March 16 to Friday March 31.
We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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