2017-03-02. AM 02:11
[Challenge] 2017.Mar : Let’s draw vehicles

Well, what do you know?
It‘s already March.

Are you ready to say hello to spring? :)

The subject of March's first challenge is ’vehicles’.
What sort of transportation do you usually use to get around?

Field trips in Sudan “College days” / @Elmoghira
Honda motocompo / @nradiowave

For this challenge, you can include every mode of transport in the world.

For example, among the most common options, you could draw bicycles, cars, motorcycles, buses, and the subway.

With a plethora of transportation methods helping us get to wherever we want around the world, it has become very convenient to get around.

‘Always present for tomorrow.’ / @TumMeng_Inthira
Airplane / @PFMarin

Or you can also include other things from airplanes, boats, and spaceships.
Try drawing your transport option of choice!

It could be the exterior or it could be the interior of that transport.

Streetcar / @NYS-ART
Hi I am over here / @NiruthA.

Well look forward to seeing some fun imaginations along with the transport methods!
This challenge will go on for a couple of weeks from March 1 (Wed) to March 15 (Wed).

We hope to see a lot of you send in something for this challenge.
Thank you.

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