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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

We thank everyone who took part in the ‘Dream’ challenge.
January‘s second challenge was brimming with imaginative ideas.

Do you remember that we had a challenge last year with the same subject?

A lot of you sent in art pieces that were different from works submitted back then.
That made us think about just how infinite the word ‘dream’ is.

It was great fun to have everyone share various thoughts and get a glimpse of each other‘s dreams this time around.

So, here are the seven winners of the ‘Dream’ challenge.
Please send them a big round of applause!

Of dreams & childhood... / @aristina.z
Pink dream / @hosio

These two pieces feature some absolutely gorgeous colors.

@aristina.z sent in a dream full of bubbles and clouds.
Could it be a dream from her childhood?
Somehow it feels a little nostalgic as well.

Meanwhile, @hosio‘s work is colored in a lovely shade of pink.
I think I‘ll feel so happy even after I wake up from a dream like that.

saving my teddy / @D-sight
That dream where you can fly / @termybug

@D-sight sent in a piece featuring some very realistic details.
Seeing those terrifying teeth right before my eyes makes me feel like I‘ve become the boy inside the picture.

Next up, I think @termybug must‘ve had a dream flying through the sky!
I wonder where she arrived at after zipping through the air!

*Ive got a dream / @kinz
꿈꾸는 소녀(Dreaming girl) / @wandering_girl
Fishy dreams / @littleArtist

Looking at @kinz‘s work on the left, it reminds me of two stories.

First is the ‘Ugly Duckling’, an Andersen‘s fairy tale where the ugly duckling turned out to be a swan, and second is ‘Swan Lake’ where the swan transformed into a beautiful girl.

How about you?

On the top right corner, @wandering_girl‘s work looks like a girl sleeping under a blanket made of a dream!
Isn‘t the color combination just beautiful?

The very last entry is from @littleArtist.
I wonder if @littleArtist met a fish in that particular dream.
The fish has a really showy tail and some unique colors overall!

So, that’s our 7 winners!
We congratulate you all!


To all of our winners, we‘re sending a gift set that features digital brush ’BuTouch‘.
We congratulate you once again, and please send in more work for future challenges!


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