2017-02-15. AM 01:54
[Challenge] 2017.Feb : Let’s draw breakfast

The subject matter for February's second challenge is 'Breakfast'.
People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

We're very curious to see what our PEN.ples around the world have for their breakfasts.
By the way, do you know where the word 'Breakfast' came from?

It is said that the word breakfast came to be because having the first meal of the day would break the fasting you were doing while you were asleep.

Serving you with some energy to begin a new day, wouldn’t that be breakfast?

170804 morning meal / @Sketcher.Jeewon
Breakfast / @BacGyver

The most important factors that have caused breakfast to change were 'religion', 'trade', 'technology', and 'convenience'.

I think you'll nod your head in agreement if you think about how breakfast has evolved throughout history.
Of course, the reason why breakfast menus and cultures differ between countries would be the same as well, right?

簡單的美式早餐,開啟一整天的活力ig:una_chiou / @Una_Chiou
Sausage pancake / @zsmaze

Tell us what you had for breakfast today and who you had it with!

We think it'll be an even more meaningful challenge if you can add some details or comments to the traditional breakfast meal in your particular country.

This challenge will remain open for 14 days from February 15 (Wed) to February 28 (Tue).
Come and begin your breakfast today at PEN.UP!

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