2014-08-29. AM 11:31
  • Hi, penples! PEN.UP has been updated to a new version.

    I’ve already received lots of questions from you, so I am going to answer them one by one.
  • ■Inviting friends function has been added!
  • Now you can invite friends to PEN.UP easier than before. Press the button at the top of the window, and choose friends you want. If you press the “Invite” button, the message will be sent. Moreover, friend recommendation function has been added. Press “Suggest” tab, and friends or popular artists who have already been using PEN.UP will be recommended.
  • ■ My feed window has been changed?
  • Yes, now the work and its artist can be seen together. You can see instantly the artist who drew the wonderful work. Now we’d better pay more attention to our profile images. If you are still using the default image, replace it right now for a wonderful selfie.
  • ■ Searching function of my feed has been improved!
  • The newly added search function of my feed, did you like it? Now, check, on my feed window, not only my works but also “Everything” and “My favorite.” There is no chance for you to miss the wonderful works.

  • ■ Surprise at the bottom of the window!
  • While scrolling down the window, you used to be uncertain about the date of uploading the works, I guess. Now time tag is provided at the bottom of the window. At a glimpse, you can see the date. Isn’t it smart?
  • ■ Add cover image you want to the profile!
  • We have had lots of questions about this. At menu, open my profile, and press the edit button at the top of the window. You can select backgrounds as well as profile images. Make a wonderful profile with your favorite pictures.
  • ■Collection has become more beautiful and interesting.
  • It is another pleasure to browse the collections of the favorite artists with PEN.UP. To gather wonderful works and make my own gallery, then viewing function must not be missed. Options have been added to the existing slide show. And the window has been changed more beautifully. Although it is my own secret function for now, other artists collections can be seen soon. You could look forward to it!

  • ■Search function has been improved smartly.
  • Provide tag search! For your better discovering contents, now, searching by 'Tags', 'Artwork', and 'Artists' is available.
  • ■You must be tired of the rarely changing popularity list.
  • Now, you can sort all the artwork by 'Weekly', 'Monthly', and 'All'. Challenge the weekly best artist! Imagine you have become a star artist with the works over the week.
  • ■'Challenge' and 'Hall of fame' menu have been changed as well!
  • Pictures have been improved. Challenge is divided into Popular and Most Recent. And you can directly move to the fan book of the artist chosen for the hall of fame. Don’t forget to send the congratulation message.

  • ■PEN.UP wants to meet more friends
  • For twitter users, another rounded button has been added.
  • PEN.UP is growing with your support.
    Paying attention to your needs, we will our best to continue our improvement. Update is here. Don't forget to give me a five stars.