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[HOF] February 2017 @hrum

[HOF] February 2017 @hrum

Hello to our PEN.PLEs out there!
Did you know?

We’ve selected the 40th artist to be inducted into our HOF! :D
At PEN.UP we always begin at artwork no. 1 for each artist when we look to induct them into our HOF.

Sure, there are times when their first productions are similar to what they produce today, but it’s amazing and fun when we come across artists who change their art entirely.

If you take a look at the works of our 40th artist, you'll have plenty of fun.

When this artist first began in PEN.UP, the art offers no unique features but you can notice that the quality begins to improve with delicate sketch-like descriptions of the subjects.

Then one day,
the detailed descriptions combine with powerful characters and the artist begins to create a new distinct art world.

But then, all of a sudden,
art pieces with yet another different style begin to pop up.

Art from an angle that is difficult to understand.
Art in black and white using somewhat frightening subject matters begin to appear.

But by excluding other colors, the characters look even more vivid and they captivate the eyes of PEN.UP users! :)

And now, this artist’s latest works once again feature a splendid mix of colors!

Please congratulate PEN.UP artist @hrum, a master of change and our HOF inductee for the month of February!

And to @hrum, please send us an email at penup.mgr@gmail.com for your HOF induction interview ^^

Congratulations once again!

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