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[Challenge] 2017.Feb : Let’s draw the jungle

PEN.UP hosted its monthly challenge with a couple of subject themes in January 2017.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the monthly challenge, we were able to lay our eyes on some wonderful artworks focusing on drawing either ‘a coloring sheet’ or ‘your dream’.

Based on our success in January, we’re going to have two subject themes for the month of February as well.
The first subject in February is

What pops up in your head when you think of the word ‘jungle’?
Or some of our PEN.PLEs might have actually been to jungles!

my idea of wild jungle… / @Tigno
Lost / @SPR
Woman is the best spring flower / @JonnyHan
Discovery / @Lucs

The word ‘jungle’ came from the word ‘jangala’ which means ‘uncultivated land’.
Jungles have a lot of trees, plenty of rain, and a variety of plants and animals.

Also, there are several jungles sitting near the equator and they say some even have native tribes that continue to live in primitive living conditions!

aye-aye don’t say bye-bye / @MafinArts
jungle. / @retroandart

Have you ever dreamt of an adventure through the jungle?

Think about your own jungle with a backdrop of different plants and animals.
Imagine it whichever way you want to!

The ‘jungle’ challenge will go on for 14 days between February 1 (Wed) and February 14 (Tue).

We will hand out gifts to our PEN.ple who get selected as winners for this challenge so we look forward to seeing plenty of entries!

Thank you.

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