2017-01-16. AM 01:30
[Challenge] 2017.Jan : Let’s draw your dreams

As we announced in our previous notice, we have two challenges for the month of January.

The subject of our second challenge in January is 'Your Dream'.

When we had our challenge last year with the same subject, we saw a wide range of wonderful dreams from our PEN.Ple.
A year later, are you all dreaming the same dreams?

dream of magical n8s / @ANA
My dream : Retirement life in Paradise / @ivanski215
My dream is to see extinct animals / @SleepingFear

Interpret the abstract meaning of the word 'dream' whichever way you want!
It could be the dream you had last night or it could be the life you want in the future.

It might be best to keep it simple rather than thinking too far or too complicated.
For example, it could be the 'dream of the month' or a dream you hope comes true in 2017!

Who knows? If you draw it, your dream might appear a little closer.
It might also give you a chance to make specific plans to make your dream come true!

For the seven winners of our 'draw your dream' challenge this month, we're going to send out a gift package.

Included in the package are digital brush SILSTAR BuTouch, touch/ball point pens etc. so we look forward to plenty of entries :)

January's second challenge gets under way for 16 days between January 16 and January 31!

Let's share our dreams together!

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