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[Review] Challenge of December

We thank everyone who participated in the last challenge of 2016, 'Let's draw winter'.
It was a joyful December as we enjoyed the season with our PEN.PLE family all over the world.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of winter is 'cold'.
But we think the art entries submitted by our PEN.Ple family felt more warm that cold.

Please send a message to congratulate the following ten winners of the 'Let's draw winter' challenge :)

Untitled / @AENEAN
Merry Christmas. / @Nitin.Kurvey

@AENEAN drew a wonderful rendition of a snowy mountain.
The way the white snow falls on the mountain looks beautiful!

@Nitin.Kurvey drew a man and woman running dashing across the road with a beautiful city in the backdrop.
It almost looks like they're dancing on the ice!

The red one-piece dress, which is perfect for Christmas, really grabs you’re attention.

Welcome to Narnia / @Grafixguru
*my winter / @kinz

@Grafixguru drew a wintery scene in Narnia from the fantasy novel 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.
The scenery of Narnia looks truly magnificent!

This was done by @kinz who drew a person in winter clothes wearing a woolen hat and a warm coat.
Doesn't it feel like the white background represents a world covered in snow?

Winter / @SleepingFear
Wonderland / @Zinniya

@SleepingFear drew a Siberian Husky which goes well with winter.
@SleepingFear did some delicate work drawing the fur and the puff of warm breath which helps you image how cold it is!

@Zinniya drew a beautiful winter scene reflected in the pupil of an eye.
Since the word 'noon' in Korean means both snow and eyes, the artwork makes even more sense.

((*´д`*)) cold… / @YukiSaku
크리스마스 선물 배송 / @wandering_girl

This entry from @YukiSaku makes the girl's breath look like white snow.
The combination of fluttering snow and light creates a wonderful background.

@wandering_girl sent us a cute little piece delivering presents on Christmas.
The girl is leaving her footprints on fresh snow.

I wonder what's inside the gift boxes :)

^_^ / @asal
I just cleaned...... / @silver77

@asal drew a beautiful tree and the surrounding scene.
Everything has turned white but the tree glows in a lovely red light!
Of course, we can't leave out the Christmas tree when we talk about 'winter'. :)

@silver77 sent in a lovely picture.
You can't help but let out a smile when you read the title along with the picture.
Although, what comes next is a little bit of a worry.

That's the ten winners we've selected for December.

- @Nitin.Kurvey
- @Grafixguru
- @kinz
- @SleepingFear
- @YukiSaku
- @asal
- @silver77
- @wandering_girl
- @Zinniya

For our ten winners, we are going to send you a gift package that includes a digital brush SILSTAR BuTouch.
We'll look forward to your work drawn with your BuTouch!

Thank you.

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