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[HOF] January 2017 @greeda

[HOF] January 2017 @greeda

We are here again on brand new 2017!

As said in the notice, there is a bit change to our challenge.
But we will still select our HOF as always and introduce artist to PEN.ples!

Let’s now guess who has become our first HOF of 2017!

It’s the artist who has climbed up to popularity with cute drawings.

She first started with one cat.
The cat caught many attention with cute gestures.

The cat then gets to meet a girl.
As the time passes, the cat and the girl share their story together.

They draw each other’s face.
They read in the library and they even do masque pack on their face!

They also hug each other.

For that reason, PEN.UP also got inspired by the artist’s pieces and got to be curious about the artist.
As we cannot bear curiosity, we’ve approached her.

Congratulations to @greeda, our HOF of January.
Please leave @greeda a word of congratulations.

Also, @greeda, please send us an e-mail to us (penup.mgr@gmail.com) for the interview.
Congratulations to you again!

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