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[Challenge] 2017.Jan : Let’s draw coloring pages

We all wish you a happy new year!

Coming forth 2017, PEN.UP has changed some parts of the challenge.
While we had only one theme for each month,

we are having two challenges for January 2017.

We look forward to your active participation to make this January challenge more enthusiastic!

The first challenge for 2017 is to make “drawing coloring pages”.
Through this challenge, we will give you PEN.UP coloring book made of the coloring sketches got from this challenge.

The coloring books are healing device that inspire both the children and adults.
We hope that this challenge will be a meaningful one, which gives happiness through the coloring outlines for the PEN.ples who love drawings.

We will give you two directions for your understanding.
First of all, you see @Chuppylim’s coloring outline, which has no background and is consisted of neat lines.

@Chuppylim, the HOF of May 2016, even published a coloring book!

Angel of Peace / @Chuppylim
Mermaid and her seahorse / @Chuppylim

The second is a voluntary collaboration you see among users in PEN.UP.
This type of sketch format is good too.

Let's play Collaboration with Pato.Cha! /@Pato.Cha
(@Spiderwoman / @Spirited_One / @koko1caty / @Pato.Cha)

When you upload your piece, you need to “permit download” so that many people will get to color your sketch.
Also, please upload only those coloring sketches without colors in the challenge menu.

Of course, it’s always welcome to upload your colored sketches of the outlines in the challenge in PEN.UP.
Refer to below guidelines to challenge yourself for the coloring outline sketch!

Thank you.

[Challenge Guide]

- Period: January 1 - January 15

- How to apply:
1.Select the theme and draw your piece by selecting either from “line type / sketch type”.
2.Get into the challenge menu and click on “participation button” in the first challenge of January.
3.Check “permit download” and upload your piece.

- Coloring pages theme: Free of theme

- Gift : Coloring book of the winners’ pieces.

- Notes
1. All the works to be submitted should be created by yourself.
2. All the rights related to the participants, including copyright, shall be owned by the participants themselves.
3. If the works are verified or suspected to infringe on others’ copyright enough, the works may be excluded from the evaluation or can be withdrawn even after being selected.
4. When being selected, the fair price is paid under the separate consultation and the works can be used for the promotion of PEN.UP.
5. The works with no relation to our challenge’s theme may be excluded from the challenge menu after the PEN.UP operator’s checking.

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