2016-12-23. AM 05:10
[Review] Challenge of November

The theme of the last challenge was ‘Let’s Draw Night’.

What would be the night PEN.UP users think of like?
Here are a variety of nights which have different moods.

Thanks to the theme, lots of works with moon, skies and colors have been uploaded.
Let’s take a look. :-)

@ucru’s work is must be the most beautiful starry night.
The pitch-black sky is full of twinkling stars.
There is a shooting star falling as well.
This is also a night we really desire to see in reality.

And @kuyo’s green night has a dreamy mood, @sau975’s night shows a couple cuddling on a hill, which looks pitiful.

The next three works are showing different nights from those presented above.

As a member of HOF, @Nitin.Kurvey created a very fantastic work which seems to be done with straight lines only.
Personally I think it is a very mysterious one. :-)

The next is the one where we can identify the artist’s distinctive character.
@Elmoghira’s work is a sleeping girl on a dark grass created in the artist’s characteristic way.

@Kalinichev87’s work shows a couple who are wondering in a rainy night.
Where are they heading without umbrellas?

@TITIART’s pirate is so cute.
This may be a better character which can go well with night than any other ones.
This makes a good match with the round moon.

@Grace.Jeong’s night looks as if it is in a dream.
Can we climb the ladder to touch the moon?

@oshin_bhargavi’s works are always mysterious.
It looks like a rug with embroidery.
This is a really characteristic work of his.

Now the last three works.
These three works share a key point.
That is, lo and behold, a moon looming.

But the moods are all different.

@Zinniya’s night is different from others.
It is a purple night.

But really, it is not always black at night.
So if we can see in the artist’s way, everyday would be more interesting.

@whitehorse’s work is like a stage with a spotlight.
The moon light and the sea in the background go well with each other.

@ArtsySueWeber’s work, not to mention the background, makes us think that it would be good to see the scenery from the deserted house.

November’s night is closing to fill PEN.UP with winter in December.
Winter and night go well together.

How is your winter night?

Again, many thanks to Penple for participating in the challenge and we hope more of you will participate in the current challenge.

Thank you.

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