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[Interview]HOF of December 2016 @TITIART

[Interview] HOF of December 2016 @TITIART

Hello, PEN.ple.
I greet you through December HOF.

This is an interview with Artist @TITIART that I mentioned last time.

Warrior, orcs, alien, robot, pirate, and witch…
You can often see these characters on his timeline.
These words sound like basics of concept art.

Through this interview, I want us to discover his world of drawing little by little.

And as I mentioned in the previous notice, I'd like to talk about a few things based on several pictures, as well as concept art.

Are you ready to plunge into his unique art world?
December HOF, it's Artist @TITIART.

Q1. @PEN.UP :
Hello Artist @TITIART, it's the PEN.UP team :)
You are selected as HOF in December, the month of closing 2016. Congratulations ^^

Could you briefly introduce yourself and say words of greeting please?

Hello everyone!
Thank you all for your words of cheers and congratulations.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Thierry. D, and I work as an art director in the video game field.

Most of the illustrations that I uploaded in PEN.UP were mostly done during the commute.

I believe that the way to work and way back home are the perfect time to really gear up with imaginations.

It’s also a good time for me to try new drawing techniques, thinking about the lights and 3D effects.

Q2. @PEN.UP :
There is a notable feature in your drawings!
It's your signature.

For some reason, it gives a strong impression.
ID name, TITIART and a square box are nicely matched.

Is there any meaning in it?

Frankly speaking, I was just indulged by Japanese animation when I was young.
Through this, my visual language was much affected.

That my signature is similar to the eastern calligraphers is a hint that it is the eastern art that has inspired me the most.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
One of the reasons we noticed you was your 'drastic brushstroke skill’.

The previous HOF, Artist @vlad's brushstroke was also very impressive, however, yours are different in details, creating different ambience.

Do you have any tip for this kind of brushstroke skill?

My piece of advice is that you should never think about the results when you are starting with your work.
Instead, think about what you are learning from a piece of illustration you are working on today.

Each of the illustration in the end should become your personal challenge.
I am telling you to try out new graphic approach that you wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise.

Like, try the 3D effect and try the hair expression by using the reverse light.

If you keep on questioning and coming up solutions, techniques will then just be a second part of everything.
Your style will improve ever more.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
Let's have a look at another one of your drawings.

There are Japanese animated characters among your drawings, as well as Korean-style drawings such as Hanbok(Korean traditional dress)/masks.

I heard you live in France,I wonder how you came to draw these kinds of pictures~

I totally understand that people may get quite surprised by this.
I will give you a simple response to that.

My fabulous wife is a Korean.
So, the Korean culture has become my second culture.

To give you some more details, these pieces were a result of inspiration I got from 'KOREA NOW' exhibition that was held in Les Arts Decoratifs.

I was able to see not only the Korean traditional costumes, Hanbok, but also many trendy art pieces of Korea.

Q5. @PEN.UP :
When I see your drawings, I can't but think you have a bundle of ideas, there are not only familiar characters but also unfamiliar ones which I haven't seen anywhere else.

Where do you get the ideas for your drawings?

In my opinion, I am always inspired by the ongoing thirst for image.

In addition, I am inspired by the approaches to art in the fantasies and art pieces that I read or saw when young.

Q6. @PEN.UP :
As I mentioned in the previous notice of selection, you sometimes posted your drawing of the background fitting for the characters.

Is there a place you had in mind when you were drawing these?

No, not really.
I am trying to express feelings in the views by simplifying the lines or by making more realistic approach.

It’s true that it’s more difficult to do art work on such a small canvas like the mobile phone screen although Galaxy Note is a fabulous tool.

I am planning to do the background work next time.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
Your drawings of the background are excellent;
nonetheless, the greatest attractions of your works are the characters that have multiple personalities.

Which one of your characters is your favorite?
Is there one you feel most attached to?

I chose this work.

It really shows the parts - the nerves - that I am working on.
It’s not that detailed but still has strength in lines.

In particular, the light concept is really good that it really shows the 3D effect, and the different materials that constitute the object are quite distinct.

I get inspirations from this piece.
That’s why I like it. ☺

It was not that I tried drawing Sith (the character in Star Wars) again; it’s just that I wanted to create my own Sith that expresses both the freaking fear and power.

This Sith well captures the terms that I had in mind - fear, power and darkness - when I was working on it.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
There are materials related to 'space' in your drawings.
Your characters are also not the ones we can see on earth.

Are you interested so much in space and planets?

Anything related to the space and Sci-Fi field is always very attractive.

You get to really imagine big and create new world, humans, plants and materials with that theme.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
I heard you use 'Galaxy Note 4' and 'Sketchbook Pro' currently.
It's not easy to draw pictures on 'Note 4' for you as well as for all our PEN.UP artists.

I'd like to ask how you came to draw on smartphone.

As I said, I’ve worked in the art field over 10 years and I’ve been working with the graphic tablet for experts.

So, using the smartphones for drawing was something that I am very familiar with, and the smartphone screen touch is very comfortable.
Also, since it’s small, I need to go right to the core.

I really wanted to tell you that Galaxy Note pen has fabulous feel of pressure.
You can have both the bold and delicate lines, which let it present the traditional type drawings.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
It's the last question^^

Before we knew it, 2016 has already come to an end, and 2017 Is approaching right in front of us.
I'd like to know if you have any dream for your future.

And please say something for the PEN.Ple who are watching the interview ^^

I hope everyone would have a happy 2016!

Most of all, I hope that everyone would be empowered with more creativity.
I get to see some awesome pieces here.

What surprises me every time is that the people in this PEN.UP community help each other, inspiring one another.
Cheers to PEN.UP and cheers to the members!

Hope all of the PEN.Ples would have fabulous 2016 and happy new year! ^^

As I mentioned at the end of the interview, before we knew it, 2016 has already come to a closure, and 2017 is right in front of us.

How was your 2016, dear PEN.ple?
Did you achieve all your goals which you set up at the beginning of the year?

Some might have had a happy and joyful year, And others might have had a difficult and tiring year.
2016 is not over yet.

In December, for a month, please end the year well on a good note.

How about getting ready to make 2017 a happy and joyful year?
For example, taking part in the upcoming PEN.UP event!

And yet! if you haven't sent a congratulatory message to Artist @TITIART, Please shorten the emotional distance through a congratulatory message.

Thank you.

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