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[Challenge] 2016.DEC : Let’s draw!

All too soon, it’s almost the end of 2016.
Winter is the season which heralds a new year and winds up the old year.

Right now, PEN.UP is also full of the mood for winter.
Let’s take a look at PEN.UP’s winter scenes the users created.

I just cleaned...... / @silver77
winter / @MAROUANE
Winter / @solbiny

When it comes to creating winter images, the first thing that comes to mind is, above all, snow.
But @Silver77’s snow makes us sigh.

After a big cleanup, a dog and a child which just came home from romping around are really a shame.
But they are too cute to be scolded.

This is rather a peculiar scene of a person waiting with snow in the background.
@MAROUANE and @solbiny both created two very similar images of waiting for someone.

But one looks desolate, while the other looks lingering.

Winter trees and snowman / @feltboy
Noite de Natal ♧ / @Duarte074
Wish..This Time! / @gr626876

Here is another one which is also so cute.
@feltboy’s work shows a cute snowman and a tree which seem to have fallen in love with each other.

The tree doesn’t have any leaves, but looks happy, which may be because of the company of the snowman. :)

When it comes to winter, you cannot miss out Christmas!!
There is a Santa Claus working hard between a huge Christmas tree and the moon giving away gifts to the children with the Rudolph, his all-time friend.

If you take a look at @Duarte074’s work and then @gr626876’s work right after that, it seems that they are feeling really happy after Santa Claus just gave away his presents.

I am really curious what those presents are. :)

Such a variety of images and characters as Santa Claus and Rudolph, winter night sky, snowman, tree are decorating the winter of the challenge.

Have you ever decorated Christmas?
Before Christmas comes around, it is a great fun for all the family members and friends together to decorate the tree little by little.

How decorating PEN.UP’s December Challenge just like decorating the Christmas tree?
We hope many people will participate in the December’s Challenge “Let’s draw winter.”

Thank you.

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