2016-12-07. AM 05:35
[Event] Please meet 2017 PEN.UP Calendar!

Dear PEN.ple, you have waited for a long time.
At last, 2017 PEN.UP calendar is completed.

You must have wondered how 2017 PEN.UP calendar with your own cities in it would come out.
This calendar made by PEN.UP together with PEN.ple came out as beautiful as your expectations.

This calendar Is a desktop type, it can be used as postcards as well with pictures of a number of cities around the world.

Postcards on the left hand side can be flipped over separately, so you can choose a picture according to your taste and easily cut it off along the dotted line.

How about expressing your gratitude through a handwritten letter In 2017?

Like last year, we'll send them not only to Challenge winners but also to other PEN.ples.

Because of the limited quantity, we'll deliver them on a first-come-first-served basis. So, please apply for it soon~

* Information on how to apply:
Fill in [PEN.UP User Name / Name / Address / Postal Code /Contact Number] and send an email to the following email address.
- email address: penup.mgr@gmail.com

I hope that in 2017 all your goals and wishes may come true.

* Information for the applicants:
Those who have participated the event, please check the privacy policy.
Then you should send personal information collection service phrase, as well as personal information (PEN.UP ID, real name, mailing address, postal code, contact number).
You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the calendar.

* Personal information collection service phrase :
I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

* Purpose of personal information collection and usage : 2017 PEN.UP Calendar
* Personal information collection criteria: PEN.UP ID/Real name/Address/Postal code/Contact number
* Period for retaining personal information and usage: December 6, 2016 – January 31, 2017
* Consignee of personal information and consignment work: Gra-ph Design, calendar delivery

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