2016-12-02. AM 02:17
[HOF] December 2016 @TITIART, Congratulations!

[HOF] December 2016 @TITIART, Congratulations!

Do you like games?
Or, do you have any special animation you enjoy to watch?
Then, do you have your favorite character?

Depending on your taste and the genre, there will be plenty of favorite characters.

The characters of the artist to be introduced as our HOF in December may seem scary in general, but they also express the manly toughness or pushy and rushing-into appearance.

His work is a little bit dark but it creates an overwhelming atmosphere, and you can see the works of the concept art genre expressed with bold brush strokes.

When you look at the backgrounds of the concept art atmosphere, it feels like a new world view with the works that have been uploaded in the meantime.

However, among his works,there are a lot of works which have a different concept from his other works.
We will talk about the works through our interview with the artist.

Our HOF in December is the artist @TITIART!

And the artist @TITIART, please send an e-mail for the interview with the Hall of Fame artists ^^

Congratulations again! ^^

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