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[Challenge] 2016.Dec : Let’s draw winter

This is the final challenge of 2016.
The end is also the beginning :)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of 'December'?

Maybe that's Christmas, I think.
In December 2015, we had a challenge on the theme of Christmas tree!

In the US, Korea, Japan, and China, December is generally regarded as the start of winter, and in New Zealand or Australia, it is summer.

Though you cannot feel the same season with our PEN.ple spread all over the world, we want to greet one same season within the PEN.UP.

As you may have noticed,
the theme of the December challenge is 'Winter'.

Great Winter is here / @MuffinGirl
Hi snow man / @yun
winter / @kimdajeong

You cannot miss snow on the topic of winter, right?

And the snowy scenery or the sports and festivals in winter comes to my mind.
Because of soft and fluffy snow, winter is not cold all the time!

And Christmas in December also matches the theme of 'Winter'.

I hope this year will be a white Christmas snowing a lot.
When looking at the scenery changed white, you will feel comfortable without any special reason!

winter / @hosio
Majestic Winter / @Zenon
붕어빵과 어묵꼬치 형제 / @ENLee

The clothes you wear in winter or the foods you eat in winter is also suitable for the theme of December challenge.

It will be fun to see the various clothes preparing for winter of each country, like the 'Shapka', the Russian fur hat.

In Korea, when winter comes, it sells fish-shaped bread on the street.
Some people may be surprised thinking there is a fish in the bread, but luckily, it is a warm bread filled with sweet red beans.

Likewise, please draw the various things that come to your mind when you thinking of winter.

Let's enjoy the end of 2016 with our PEN.UP's winter :)

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