2016-11-25. AM 04:36
[Challenge] 2016.NOV : Right now! Let’s draw!

Hello, PEN.ple!
It's getting really cold. Are you doing fine?

As the night gets longer, we are now seeing more artworks illustrating night views done with PEN.UP.

While there have been more colors in the last challenge projects, now we can see more dark-toned colors with 'The night' theme.

Although the theme, 'The night', is just one word, there are more numerous ideas and inspirations deriving from it, which leads to multiple subjects.

The artworks are shaded in similar colorways, but the stories and subejcts are largely varied.
I guess that's one of the perks of looking through the challenge works. :)

The Arabian Nights. / @Nitin.Kurvey
"Quiet Night" / @casebasket
pirates of the nights / @TITIART

The winner of HOF for November, @Nitin.Kurvey, came up with 'Arabian Nights', the famous story full of exciting adventures and exotic events.

'@casebasket' thought of a dreary, lonely memory while '@TITIART' imagined pirates making an appearance with beautiful moonlight shining behind them.
Yet, there is one common thread: The night.

Furthermore, we can also link 'The night' with rather brighter colors.

sweet dreams / @Elmoghira
night fishing / @feltboy
Night in the bar / @w3tza

'@Elmoghira' painted a warm and cozy night view.
Moreover, we can see the moon cathing stars in the workwok by '@feltboy'.
All the while, '@w3tza' reflected her daily routine -or hobby- after work on her work.

Indeed, the art pieces of PEN.ple were beyond our imagination.
The creative and unique results make us expect much about works coming up next.

The November challenge is not yet ended.
As we found, the night shouldn't necessarily be dark in colors.

Night views in more flamboyant, vivid style will be interesting, too. Not to mention activities done at night.

It’s the time for you to challenge. :)
Please share your very own night with us!

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