2016-11-15. AM 04:31
[Review] Challenge gift of September

September’s Challenge attracted a variety of works with the theme of “Draw Wallpaper.”
In last notice, we mentioned that the 7 winners would be awarded with phone cases decorated with their works.

For those who are curious, here are the phone cases made with the works of the 7 winners.

Wonderful cases, beautifully packaged.
Let’s take a look, one by one.

They arrived cleanly printed, without any damages.
The hard cases feels so good.

The works from this challenge can be used as wallpaper as well as phone cases.
Take a look, one by one.

@N3P’s work with a large moon on the top left side was created as a Galaxy Note 5 case.
Next to it is @greeda’s work full of autumn mood created as a case for Galaxy Note 4.

On the top right side is the @gregzabaryllo’ work as a case for iPhone 6.
The process of creating this case has a romance story.

@gregzabaryllo sent an email to say that he would make this case not for himself but as a gift for his wife.
This work certainly proves love for his wife.

On the bottom left side is a work with a white polar bear created by @Grace.Jeong as a case for Galaxy Note 3.
The work of a cat with large eyes was created by @kira as a case for Galaxy Note 5.

The last one is a work with detailed buildings with a blue sky in the background created by @R.A.A as a case for Galaxy Note 4.

These beautiful cases are going to be sent with this PEN.UP stickers.
Please wait for a while.

We are looking forward to postings of phones with the cases on them.
We hope more of you participate in the challenge, the 2017 PEN.UP calendar will be sent to you.

Thank you.

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