2014-08-14. AM 03:33
  • ■ Show the world, one drawing at a time.
  • We live in comfortable yet fancy city. An urban city is a place with opportunities for making dreams come true but the narrow back streets also hold many dark stories. The city people's lives are as busy as a merry-go-round at a play park but there's always sympathy for others within their hearts. In this city, the stories never end through the night.
    How about the cities our PENples live in?
    Share with us the stories of your own cities.
  • PS1> the theme of this month's challenge is Urban Sketching. PEN.UP sponsors Urban Sketchers.
    We are planning on visiting urban sketchers in Brazil at the end of August.

    P.S2> Thanks to NomadArchitect for allowing using his/her drawing. Thank you so much.