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[Review] Challenge of October

Hello, PEN.ple!
Winter is everywhere and a scent of cold winter is in the air.
The year 2016 is close to the end.

And PEN.UP finished the 10th challenge successfully.
Thanks for everyone who have participated in our calendar production challenge to shine the year 2017.

We could see the PEN.ple’s cities all around the world with the theme of ‘City Story’.
We are very happy to communicate with you through the medium of painting ^^

And we are so excited to see our PEN.UP calendar in 2017 which will be made of your paintings!
Rather than a calendar to be useless after time passes, it seems to be the useful one which also can be utilized as a postcard.

First, we will introduce the 12 paintings to be included in our new calendar.
Let’s make a travel to several cities around the world!

toto tower / @solbiny

The painting for January is @solbiny’s Tokyo in Japan.
It is the nightscape of ‘Tokyo Tower’, the landmark for Tokyo.

With the 333m high steel tower, the lights in the city is shining brightly.
It is a really beautiful night view.

Istambul, winter moments / @Nigart

The painting for February is @Nigart’s Istanbul in Turkey.
It has the feeling of warm winter landscape of Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.

With the tram, running along a railway, it snows in large flakes.
It seems to be the work where you can feel the city of normal daily life.

Eiffel tower / @littleArtist

The painting for March is @littleArtist’s Paris in France.
You can’t miss the Eiffel Tower whenever you think of ‘Paris’!

And especially the background effect as if the colors spread reminds us of the fresh Spring in March.

city of Nine Dragons Hong Kong / @JoeKwong

The painting for April is @JoeKwong’s Hong Kong.
In the city street with high buildings and stores, humorous nine dragons are moving.

There is a shape of dragon on the Hong Kong’s brand logo.
It is because dragons are the mythic animal, the historical symbol and the important icon representing the powerful appearance of Hong Kong.

Don’t you think that you can meet the lively April like a mighty dragon?

Urban contrast / @Elmoghira

The painting for May is @Elmoghira’s Khartoum in Sudan.
With his unique expression, he expressed the lively look of Khartoum’s Central Market.

You can feel the crowded Khartoum indirectly.

Yesteryear's / @NYS-ART

The painting for June is @NYS-ART’s New Orleans in the States.
The flag at the top of the pole tells the location of this city.

Since it shows the colors in the middle of a quiet street well, it also seems to be a photo.

부산/Busan korea / @Lentz.bc.Gim

The painting for July is @Lentz.bc.Gim’s Busan in Korea.
Busan, located at the end of Korea, is a very beautiful city with the open sea.

And he drew a secluded public park in the city.
It makes me calm like a resting place on a city trip.

Blue City Houses. / @Nitin.Kurvey

The painting for August is @Nitin.Kurvey’s Jodhpur in India.
Jodhpur is the city in the middle part of Rajasthan State in India.

The city, surrounded by the walls, has a lot of colorful temples.
And there are unusual patterns on the old structure of cool blue color.

Old City Of Sana'a / @R.A.A

The painting for September is @R.A.A’s Sana’a in Yemen.
He drew the look of Sana’a in detail.
It was expressed exquisitely without missing a detail.

The old area of Sana’a in this painting is the place designated as a World Heritage Site, and it is especially beautiful in Sana’a due to its various cultural legacy.

Frauenkirche Dresden Germany Challenge / @Spiderwoman

The painting for October is @Spiderwoman’s Dresden in Germany.
Since it is famous as a cultural center, it is also called as the ‘Firenze in German’.

The structure in the painting is the ‘Dresdner Frauenkirche’ in Dresden, and it is one of the structures symbolizing baroque architecture.
The magnificent and sturdy look is very fascinating.

NOLA Streetcars -Submitted for 2017 Calendar / @dfrancis

The painting for November is @dfrancis’s New Orleans in the States.

Since there are a lot of PEN.UP users in the North America, a lot of cities in the States were entered.
As a result, two paintings of New Orleans were selected.

The red tram in New Orleans is a tram along the Mississippi.
I want to feel relaxed seeing the city along the river!

London / @gregzabaryllo

The painting for December is @gregzabaryllo’s London in England.
There are the Big Ben, the landmark for London, and the sign of underground.

People in many cities call the subway as Metro.
But in England, unusually, they call it as Underground or Tube.

The clock tower pointing to 12 o’clock and the time of December in 2017 seem to be matched well enough because it is the point which can be both the end and the start!

Thus, 12 people are chosen. Congratulations!

- @solbiny
- @Nigart
- @littleArtist
- @JoeKwong
- @Elmoghira
- @Lentz.bc.Gim
- @Nitin.Kurvey
- @R.A.A
- @Spiderwoman
- @dfrancis
- @gregzabaryllo

Seeing the twelve paintings, I feel like I have traveled all around the world!
How about you? ^^

The PEN.UP calendar made of your great works!
Let me show you the cover first~

Our PEN.UP team is working on now, so please expect to see it! ^^

And to the twelve artists who are selected, we will send the passport case where the paintings are printed as well as the calendar.
Thank you very much for participating in our challenge again.

We wish you a happy new year and please upload your calendar reviews and also expect the calendar delivery event :)

For those who have become the winners, please send below information to us.
[PEN.UP user name / real name / mailing address / postal code / contact number]
- Address : penup.mgr@gmail.com

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Those who have won the event, please check the privacy policy until November 30(Wednesday).
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You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the prize.
Also, the prize can be cancelled if you do not send us an e-mail within the notified period.

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Prizes will be sent out after November 30(Wednesday).

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