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[HOF] November 2016 @Nitin.Kurvey

[HOF] November 2016 @Nitin.Kurvey, Congratulations!

"Delicate" and "tranquil" may be the best two words for this artist.
In the tranquility, the artist’s distinctive traits make the works more attractive.

With a color selected, just a simple adjustment of brightness and saturation seems to make the works complete.
Crossing the border of digital and analogue, the artist shows us interesting pictures.

A new member of HOF for November!
@Nitin.Kurvey. Congratulations!

From his works, first we got an impression that he loves travel so much.

It seems that you draw those buildings you have seen around the world.
(We are going to ask about this at the interview)

While looking at the works, we get a strange feeling, which is because many works are about water.
Most of the photographs of the works are water-color, and upload works are mostly 'water.'

So we have expected his interview a lot.
What would be the water that he is thinking of?

Dear PEN.ple!
Give some congratulatory message to @Nitin.Kurvey.

And it would be grateful that @Nitin.Kurvey will send the PEN.UP team an email to penup.mgr@gmail.com

Again, Congratulations!

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