2016-11-01. AM 01:48
[Challenge 11] Let’s draw the night

November is almost around the corner and so is winter.
We are coming nearer to the end of 2016.
With the winter coming close, our nights are long.

Try out PEN.UP Challenge amidst the long night.
Our theme of November Challenge is "The Night".

"Night" is not simply about being dark.
You can think of the shiny night view under the dark sky.

Or you can even think about the home where the families sit around together for nice, warm dinner.
Also, you could think of the space or the imaginary night!

“What reaming can do” / @Roarsinart
starry night / @chikasmin
In the Night-Time / @TumMeng_Inthira

According to NASA's recent report, there Is going to be a Super Moon, the biggest one in 20 years, on November 14.

Super Moon refers to the full moon which is much brighter and bigger than the usual one.
The Super Moon will be a fantastic memory if you see it together with your loved ones.

The good memories will be stay long if you keep them in pictures or drawings.
Why don't you leave your memories of the Super Moon in drawing and post them in PEN.UP for sharing with others?

Sandpiper on a harvest moon / @catfishgirl
whale2 / @Dotol
Dream / @Razislav

Don't think it too hard.
Just spell out your thoughts, feelings and imagines in relation to "The Night".

Of course, you may as well put a title and details when you post them up for everyone to share the wonderful thoughts.

Now, share your memories of the night! ^^

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