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[Interview] HOF of October 2016 @hosio

[Interview] HOF of October 2016 @hosio

Her characters look like the ones coming out of a fairy tale.
When seeing her pictures, which are not of characters, sometimes I want to know about her thinking.

Her pictures starting with straight lines show her details and represent the flexibility like a curve at the same time.

Among her uploaded drawings,
she expresses 'something' which cannot be imagined easily, which is not a character, in her own style.

I think that the style is very interesting :)

Though she expresses straight lines and circles using the tools in drawing applications, I don't believe that the works like her drawings can be made only with the tools :)

The main colors used by her may seem to be a little bit darker as a whole.
However, even the dark colors make her pleasant works.

So now, we will start the conversation with the artist.
Here, this is the artist @hosio, the HOF in October!

Q1. @PEN.UP :
We have often met each other offline, and this time, we are online now ^^

First, say hello to our users~

A. @hosio :
Hi, everyone!
This is the artist @hosio.

I am drawing a kind of illustration or characters.
And I'm so happy to be selected as a HOF!

Q2. @PEN.UP :
Let's start our interview!

You have worked for a long time at PEN.UP and this is deeply appreciated.
When seeing your works, we can find a little bit unique atmosphere in there.

Where do you usually get inspiration for your works?

A. @hosio :
I usually get it from the things or landscapes around me.

For example, I traveled to Japan this time and the colors of the electric signs in the night were so fascinating.
So I draw a woman dressed in kimono using the colors.

Q3. @PEN.UP :
As far as we know, you have worked with Galaxy Note series continuously.
You have used from Galaxy Note3 to Galaxy Note5.

When we see your works, the quality is so good that it is hard to believe that you have worked with Galaxy Note.

A. @hosio :
Thanks for your compliment.

In the past, I have worked with a tablet instead of mobile phones.
When the tablet went out of order, I met Note3.

It was uncomfortable due to its small screen first, but now, I am getting used to it and I can make a lot of pictures.

Q4. @PEN.UP :
According to our proud information power, we heard that you are still a college student :D

When we see your amazing paintings, even though you are still young, we think that you have a major related to paintings~

A. @hosio :
I major in ceramic design.
Many people think that the students majoring in ceramics just knead mud.

But I want you to know that they also draw the characters or illustrations on the ceramics :)

Q5. @PEN.UP :
As you know, your position is standing out recently in PEN.UP.

Starting with our 'Goods Challenge' conducted lately, including the works and goods displayed in 'Samsung D’Llight Experience Hall' and also the HOF in October, your works have become known to the public these days.

How do you feel about this? :)

A. @hosio :
I feel great and also embarrassed at the same time.
When I met PEN.UP first, I wondered if I could be popular as much as other artists.

And now, I became the HOF!
I'm so happy because I made one of my wishes come true!

Q6. @PEN.UP :
Now, let's talk about your works.

When we say about your works, people say that they are like the images from a fairy tale.
Especially when we see your characters, the thinking is becoming strong.

Where do you get your subjects and themes for your paintings?

A. @hosio :
As I said above, I got it from my surroundings.

And there are a lot of illustrations or characters related to schools and I often expressed my feelings or thinking in my high-school days as a picture.

Since I like horrors personally, I have drawn my paintings related to schools.

Q7. @PEN.UP :
Personally, I like your work for the Challenge last time very much.
The title was 'Fox in the morning'.

Can you tell me the background of the painting?

A. @hosio :
I decided to draw the painting filled with my taste for the Challenge.

When I was thinking about the subjects which I have not tried yet, I found that I have not drawn the face of animals and chose a fox.
Compared to other animals, a fox has a mysterious feeling and it seemed to be matched with my painting.

I drew only the face first, but it looked somewhat simple.
So I added a tree like antlers and the moon to make a fabulous fox.

Q8. @PEN.UP :
If possible, are there any simple drawing tips for sharing?

I think that you have some tips getting from your long time works.

A. @hosio :
The application which I use is 'Sketchbook for Galaxy'.

The most difficult thing of this application was to color the paintings.
After adding the coloring layer, you have to cut the part to be colored for coloring.

To complement this difficulty, you can use this tip to color your painting more quickly.

First, copy one of your sketch layers and set the opacity as 10%.
The reason is to prevent the lines of basic sketch layer from being thicker.

And then, overlap the new layer with the opacity layer.
After that, when you color it with the painting tools, you can finish your work easily.

Q9. @PEN.UP :
As I mentioned above, I think that you have other areas of interest except for painting because you are still young.

Are there any areas that you are interested in?

A. @hosio :
I have had an interest in games for a long time so I like to see the programs related to games or play the games in person.

Recently, I entered the game production team in my college to design the characters related to mystery games.
Though I'm not so good enough yet, it will be great to see the games created by myself.

Q10. @PEN.UP :
This is the end of our questions.
The users working at PEN.UP might have felt the happiness as a person of painting once at least.

When did you felt the happiness?

A. @hosio :
I feel the happiness when I express my imagination into my painting.

And to see the things in my head directly with my eyes is also the amazing and new experience, I think.

Q11. @PEN.UP :
Thank you for answering the questions.
Lastly, can you tell me the things that you want from PEN.UP?

And thank you very much for granting an interview to us!

A. @hosio :
I'm very satisfied with PEN.UP now, but what about opening the relay drawing event or adding the chat functionality?

Thanks to you, I could come up here now!
Thank you everyone and I want to get closer with each other :)

This is the end of our interview with the artist @hosio.

In spite of her young age, she looks amazing since she knows the road to walk with a strong faith and keeps going on.

This year is almost over.
Did you finished the plans that you made at the beginning of this year?

Some users would have not completed the plans yet, and others would have achieved all the plans more than I expected.

For the rest of 2016, how about looking back myself and thinking of my way again?

And, don't forget!
Please send your message of congratulations to the artist @hosio, the HOF in October! :)

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