2016-10-21. AM 08:31
[Challenge] 2016.OCT : Right now! Let’s draw!

Hello , PEN.ple!

10 months have passed already since I started to greet PEN.ple each month.
It seems time really flies :)

As you know, Challenge topic for October is ‘Let’s draw City Story’.
And ‘ For 2017 Calendar’ is attached to the back of it.
It’s a annual PEN.UP calendar challenge that brings you joy.

This year, the number of pictures seems much less than last year. T^T
The topic might have been too difficult~. On the other hand, it seems the pictures that have been posted are comparatively of high quality.

Thus I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Fontana trevi_il duomo / @LISBONAK
Can’t Believe My Eyes.such a Beautiful Place / @pure

As I mentioned in the previous notice!

Again this year, PEN.UP calendar will be presented to our Penple in a new look.
One side will have a postcard; the other side a calendar.

While looking at the pictures that took part in this Challenge, I found it interesting to see various cities in diverse countries at a glance.
It's very exciting to see the cities that I've never seen before.

Eiffel tower / @littelArtist
NY. City / @Edith.DgArt
Gyeongbokgung Gwanghwamun Gate / @greeda

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, and even Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul!

You can see the cities of different concepts:

Not only the landmarks that represent each country, but also the cities that you don't know much about, such as a quiet city which you can feel the silence even from the picture, as well as a fantastic city which you've never seen before with your own eyes!

You still have ten days left.
Don’t think too hard about it~

Draw the beautiful scenery in front of your own house!
My own city story is not far from you.

* Draft Proposal for Calendar

Big Ben, London, UK / @Balsamello

* Size

Challenge in October
‘2017 PEN.UP Calendar Contest’

- Theme: City story

- How to participate:
1. Recommended image size 1063*1655 pixel
(When the works with no postcard rate are selected, it can be cropped to the rate)
2. Enter the challenge menu and click the ‘Participate’ button of Challenge in October and upload your works.
3. Write ‘the name of city’ and ‘the name of country’ for your work’s description.

* The Draft Proposal above is just an example, so please make a reference.
* The works expressing the features of cities or travel sites well are favorable to be selected.
* When you explain about the cities and countries for your work’s description, everyone can see and enjoy the place and dream about the travelling together!

- Gifts:
One work for each month and total 12 works selected
The ‘passport case’ where the works are printed as well as the created calendar are given to the artists selected.

- Period: October 1, 2016 ~ October 31, 2016
(We plan to give the calendar to 100 participants in order of application, so we ask for you a lot of interest and participation)

- Notes
1. All the works to be submitted should be created by yourself.
2. All the rights related to the participants, including copyright, shall be owned by the participants themselves.
3. If the works are verified or suspected to infringe on others’ copyright enough, the works may be excluded from the evaluation or can be withdrawn even after being selected.
4. When being selected, the fair price is paid under the separate consultation and the works can be used for the promotion of PEN.UP.
5. The works with no relation to our challenge’s theme may be excluded from the challenge menu after the PEN.UP operator’s checking.

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