2016-10-20. AM 04:33
[Notice] PEN.UP update Ver 2.3

Hi, PEN.ple !
At last, official 2.3 version of PEN.UP is updated.

In the previous notice, we opened 2.2.0 beta version loaded on Galaxy Note 7 only to the PEN.ple.
Now that we updated to a more enhanced and stable 2.3 version, all the users can see our renewed PEN.UP.

Overall design has changed and 'HOME' and 'CATEGORY' functions are newly opened.

'HOME' screen is newly added to show a variety of pictures to more users.

Even though a lot of fantastic pictures are posted on PEN.UP, many of them are missed when you don't follow the artist.
We wanted to show those pictures to you as well.

For this purpose, 'HOME' screen is showing the most popular picture of the day as well as the most popular artist of the day.

'Staff Picks' which will appear when you scroll the HOME screen, will show some of the wonderful yet less exposed pictures, recommended by PEN.UP management.

To make it an interesting menu where you can meet unknown artists and new works, PEN.UP management will search for them with eagle eyes.^^

Lastly, 'You may also like' menu recommends a picture which you might like through PEN.UP's own Interior algorithm.
A piece of work you'd like will be recommended regardless of the number of 'Like's.

Please look forward to seeing it! ^^
Thank you.

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