2014-07-16. PM 03:15
  • Hello PENples!
    Let's go to the DigiFun. Art Festival 2014!
    The showcase of PEN.UP drawings at Digifun Art Festival!
  • ■ DigiFun. Art Festival 2014
  • There will be new form of digital mobile art festival called DigiFun. Art Festival 2014 at the Seoul Metropolitan Library (former City Hall of Seoul), where is a national historic landmark in Seoul, Korea

    PEN.UP has been invited to DigiFun. Art Festival 2014 this year. We are so excited and honored to be invited to this exhibition and want to enjoy this event with all of the PEN.UP people.

    Have you ever imagined your own drawings being exhibited in public?
    Here is the chance! We are going to exhibit artworks by PEN.UP people at the festival.

    Exhibition details

    Title : 1st DigiFunArt Festival (in SEOUL)
    Term : Aug. 19, 2014 (Tue.) ~ Aug. 30 (Sat.)
    Location : Seoul Metropolitan Library
    Guide :
  • ■ How to participate
  • If you are interested in joining us, just add hash tag at PEN.UP's #digifunart2014 by 8.7.
    We will select some artworks from the tag and exhibit the selections at the Seoul Metropolitan Library
    Put into drawing your feelings and thoughts buried away in the busyness of daily life. And PEN.UP!

Submit details

Deadline : AUG.7, 2014 (Until midnight)
1. Launch PEN.UP Application
2. Post your artwork with #digifunart2014
You permit us to exhibit your artwork once submit your artwork with the tag ('#digifunart2014').