2016-09-30. PM 12:03
[HOF] October 2016 @hosio, Congratulations!

[HOF] October 2016 @hosio, Congratulations!

The characters drawn by the artist are like the heroes in a fantasy novel.

The look of a little prince that we’ve imagined in our childhood, or the various characters that might exist somewhere we don’t live and the details representing the characters make us suspicious if the pictures are created by tablets.

And the characters which can be imagined and represented by anyone can be a new character with the artist’s unique expression.

But the artist’s merits don’t stop there.

The process that she expresses her imaginary world into a simple but attractive work is amazing and interesting at the same time.
Her works are likely to be used for the fantastic fairy tales~ :)

With these reasons, the PEN.UP team had no choice but to focus on the artist!

As well as her intense images, the artist has been loved by a lot of people due to the steady activity.
And also in our recent ‘Goods Challenge’,she made us excited with her good works.
Please, celebrate the HOF in October, the artist @hosio!
And leave a celebrating message on her Fan Book!

And please send us an e-mail for the HOF interview, the artist @hosio ^^

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